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What does it mean to be a Christian? The Acquitted Criminal

Per Kind Permission from MASIHI ISHA'AT KHANALahore - Pakistan In most of the countries of the world there are many people who are known Christians. There are also many who are seeking for the truth, and who want to know ...

What is meant by the Son of God?

I do not understand the meaning of Christ being the Son of God, as Christians believe. What do they mean by that? Does this mean that God has married and fathered children? God forbid!! How can any creature believe that ...

Can I know God?

Per Kind Permission from MASIHI ISHA'AT KHANA Lahore - Pakistan In most places where men live, buildings have been erected as places of worship. For man is by nature religious, and everywhere people worship something whi...

Islam in Biblical Perspective

THE MANY FACES OF ISLAM The religion that originated with Muhammad has developed during the last 1,350 years into a world-wide cultural power, appearing in various and sometimes contrary manifestations. Gamal Abdul-Nasser wanted to annihilate the new-born state of Israel to erase the Arab's disgrace at the defeat of their war with Israel (1948/49). He also wanted to repel the infiltration of atheistic communism and transform it into an Islamic socialist state. He hoped to shake the Arabic people, wake them from their lethargy, and unite them in war against Israel. Until today, Algeria, Libya, South Yemen, Syria and Iran are influenced by...

Only One Way To God

What is religion? This question has puzzled theologians throughout human history. But how did religion start in the first place? Why did it start? In order to understand some of these issues, let us have a look at the etymology of the word “religion” itself, and see that when and where this word was used for the very first time in the human history.

The word religion was used for the very first time in the Latin language. The actual word used in Latin was “religio”, which changed into religion when came into English. The roots of the Arabic word “Mazhab” or “Deen” can also be traced back to “religio”. In the Latin language, the word “religio” had three basic meanings; which are Faith, Trust & Belief.

If you further analyse these three words, faith, trust and belief; then you realize that there are actually three different characteristics

Sami's Testimony (Islam)

Why I am not a Muslim? It was a question that I had been asked on more than ane occasion after converting to Christianity. I had heard this question from both Christians and Muslims. From the Christians it was a question of curiosity or emotion upon seeing how God had changed my life. As for Muslims, it was a question which was directed at offending and humiliating me. For the Christians, they wanted to know how and when I decided to follow Jesus Christ. But for the Muslims the question was, "You are a Christian?" (MASIHI in arabic). When I heard this question, in the begining it was dangerous and complicated for me, not because it was di...

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