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Web Link A Story For All
Web Link The Prophets In The Torah And The Injil
Web Link Call of Hope
Web Link Al-Nour Ministries
Web Link Iranian Christian International


Web Link Voice of Preaching The Gospel

Voice of Preaching the Gospel offers a variety of multilingual Christian tracts and booklets. These can be sent to all those interested for a nominal fee. For more information contact Voice of Preaching the Gospel ministries.

Web Link Lebanon Bible Society

For all generations to encounter the life-giving message of God's word

Web Link Word Of Life (Kalimatalhayat)

Center for Bible Resource Studies - all in Arabic, Extensive Bible teaching material, Commentaries of the books of the Bible, Family Matters, Christian Living, Cults, Doctrines. A must site for every Pastor, Teacher and Christian worker.

Web Link House Of God (Baytallah)

Arabic Christian Web site dedicated to assist Bible-believing Christians, Extensive Bible teaching material, Deals with theological issues from the Bible, Apologetic.

Web Link The Grace (Alneamatt)

The Creator of the Arabic On-Line Bible, Home of the Free On-line Arabic Bible, Arabic Christian Webzine, Arabic Articles, Testimonies of Arabic speaking individuals coming to Christ, Readings from the Arabic Bible, Provides Arabic Hymns with its lyrics.

Web Link International Arabic Ministries

The Good News website is for Arabic people around the world but especially for the Arab world. Good News discusses important subjects for people who are looking for the Truth, for Peace and Eternal Life, Arabic On-Line Magazine.

Web Link Hadith Al-Asdika

Hadith Al-Asdika is a Christian radio program in Arabic. Here you can look at Arabic Christian publications, hear part of a radio program, follow on-line Bible correspondence courses, listen to Arabic songs, and much more!

Web Link Al-Maarifa

Christian Magazine, articles plus Arabic Hymns, Wide Range of Radio Ministry.

Web Link The Power To Change

Real life stories of people who met Christ. The site has a good informative pages on knowing God with plenty of answers to common life related questions.

Web Link Altarik

Good TV Programs and others.

Web Link Al-Ketab

Another Excellent site for the Arabic Bible.

Web Link Al-Kitab (English)

Reaching Muslims with the Word of God - The Holy Injil, Zabur and Taurat.

Web Link Taam

Daily Devotional for the Soul, Arabic Site. Excellent Biblical Devotions

Web Link Emmaus Bible Ministry

Arabic Bible On-Line Correspondence Course operating out of the Holy Land.

Web Link Arab Church

Home of the Sheet music (Arabic Hymns with Music Notes), dramas, message boards, and much more.